Precious Metals by Kerry E. B. Black

Art credit - Elizabeth Stark

Art credit – Elizabeth Stark

Kerry E.B. Black juggles all of the time, though only in the metaphorical sense. (She lacks the coordination to carry out the action physically.) Like any busy mother, she maintains a hectic schedule, often dancing through days aided with her trusty day planner. She often feels like she steals moments with her computer and a cup of tea so that she can pursue her utterly selfish pleasure-writing. She invites you to visit and

The author's horror selfie.

The author’s horror selfie.

Busy author and her family.

Kerry and her family.

8 thoughts on “Precious Metals by Kerry E. B. Black

  1. Truly precious mother-daughter moment, artfully expressed—I love the “indelicate strokes”. My own 8-y-o daughter came and put her head on my shoulder while I was reading this (honestly) and she likes it too. 🙂


  2. The reality of aging. I feel it everyday with blurry visions and that ache when I swing off my bed as my feet hit an early morning floor. Some mornings, I yearn for my youth, some I vision a fute 20 years out.
    And then I heat up the water for my coffee and remember that I have enough to deal with in the now.
    Thanks Kelly.


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