Silver by Jeanne Shannon

Art credit - Elizabeth Stark

Art credit – Elizabeth Stark

Jeanne Shannon‘s work (a poem, in this case) first appeared in print in the summer of 1963, back in the era when almost every woman aspired to own sterling silver flatware.  Her pattern was, and still is, Wallace’s “Discovery,” a spare and elegant pattern that too soon was discontinued. She writes poetry, short fiction, memoir essays, and vignettes, and conducts poetry classes and workshops.  Her work has been published in numerous small-press and university journals and anthologies. She is the author of three full-length collections and several chapbooks, many of which are available on In the 1970’s she produced and edited a poetry magazine called Blackberry, and that endeavor evolved into a book-publishing venture, The Wildflower Press, which brought thirteen titles into print.

The author.

The author.

JEanne's cat, Sabrina, lounging on her furniture.

Jeanne’s cat, Sabrina, lounging on her furniture.

4 thoughts on “Silver by Jeanne Shannon

  1. As a longtime seller of collectibles from our past, I understand. Your work is one on the reasons I named our business Urban Miners, Miners of past memories.
    So much of what we sold, triggered memories in people we dealt with over the years. Two years ago at Burning Man, the theme was Cargo Cult (look up Cargo Cult. It is very interesting) and we set up long tables of items to simply gift to people. If they walked up and picked up something and told us a few words about the item, or if it even just caught their eye, it was theirs.
    A woman walked up and saw a perfect 1950 painted metal recipe card box & lid. She told a story that she remembered that exact box when she was growing up, fishing out recipes for her Mom. She set down the box and I said please take it. It is yours. Finally she realized that everything was free after some convincing and she left with the memory. 60,000 people each year and NOTHING is sold traded or bartered at Burning Man (except ice and coffee).
    Thank you for the memory this morning.

    • And thank you for your thougtful response. Yes, I love to connect with “things” of the past, because they are more than just things–they bring back the past in a special way.

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