Picture Postcard, Finally Written by Brett Foster

Brett Foster-Picture Postcard Finally Written

Art Credit – Elizabeth Stark


Photo Credit – Wiki Commons

Brett Foster’s sonnet was ten to fifteen years in the making. It recalls visual details from a brief summer stint in Verona, during poor grad-student years when a small grant allowed him, his wife, and small daughter to live absurdly close to Piazza Bra, the main piazza in Verona, and site of its glorious Roman amphitheater. (He still didn’t take to summer opera, even in that wonderful setting.) There was even a fresco of some unknown matron on the ceiling, but don’t think “Old Masters”– this one was rather poorly painted. There is also in Verona the famous statue of Juliet. (Shakespeare’s Juliet, but, as with so many of Shakespeare’s characters and plays, she had an Italian source!) Foster is the author of two poetry books, with a third one, entitled “Extravagant Rescues,” forthcoming. He teaches Renaissance literature and creative writing at Wheaton College.

The author with Xoco drink.

The author with Xoco drink.

4 thoughts on “Picture Postcard, Finally Written by Brett Foster

  1. A lovely sonnet with a lot to think about. It reminded me of Verona. Juliet’s crowded yard (which isn’t even Juliet’s but never mind) was the only place there I did not enjoy.:)


  2. Quite beautiful. It is maybe, probably, the reason I continue to read and write poetry, why I still tear-up, am undone, by Rilke’s Archaic Torso of Apollo. Thank you Brett Foster.


  3. Thank you, Irena and Lee, for your kind comments; I’m so glad the Verona setting resonated for you both. And good Christmas-eve wishes to all…!


  4. I visited Verona 3 times. Twice in the 70’s as young romantic And once 2 years ago. It was raining and I was amazed at how a place chpould change. The streets wers packed with Asians, arms loadsd with Gucci and dolce gabana, dodging rain bullets and scurrying back to warm buses. The buses sat large and bummed on side streets of wet Verona waiting to consums them And lumber to the ns t space.
    I was surprised how place could change. The courtyard of star. Rozssd lover’s sat near empty as it rained. There was a girl in back pack making notes in her book.
    I am sure her diary pages were spotted with rain. I am sure.
    Thank you for waking the memory.


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