Baggage by Jill Wiggins

Art Credit - Elizabeth Stark

Art Credit – Elizabeth Stark

After leaving her job as “Spokes[babe]” (so dubbed by Rush Limbaugh) for the Texas Medical Board, Jill entered the world of Radical Retirement, which she blogs about at

Born in England, she was raised in Ohio, then hop-scotched around the U.S. until putting down deep and tangled roots in Austin, Texas, more than 30 years ago. While completing a B.A. in art from St. Edward’s University, she worked as art director for a weekly newspaper and did freelance graphic design.

Jill has led the Writers’ League of Texas poetry group and her poems have appeared in Poetography I and II, Feeding the Crow, several Texas Poetry Calendars and Austin International Poetry Festival anthologies. She has published two chapbooks, Lemon Curd and Street Scenes, and is working on a book of dream poems titled Nightly Visits to Other Worlds.

Jill became interested in mail art during an international swap in April and has since been trying to drink from the fire hose of ideas it generated. She blogs about her art at

Besides art and poetry, her passions include choral singing, Jeopardy!, being outdoors and keeping fit. Her favorite fitness tool is a weighted hoop. She also loves knitting, but she is taking a rest to heal tendonitis after a marathon month of scarf-making.

Jill is married to an actor/producer/director, with whom she has performed in comedy murder mystery weekends, wrangling guests as the frazzled innkeeper who wants no whiff of scandal on her establishment. She also provides her husband’s theater company with graphic support and occasional costume and set assistance.

They love to travel, having most recently toured Scotland, where they didn’t see the Loch Ness Monster, and England, where they climbed a small mountain named Cat Bells in the Lake District.

Jill has two grown daughters, one an English teacher, the other a fitness trainer and eBay entrepreneur, and two perfect grandchildren, Bryan, 11, and Chloe 8.

Jill admits she’s terrible at cake decorating and flower arranging, but would like it known, perhaps on her gravestone: “She kept her photo albums up to date.”

The author and her infamous infinity scarf.

The author and her infamous infinity scarf.

Hooping for the Core.

Hooping for the Core.


Close encounter with Nessie.

Close encounter with Nessie.


Making friends in Port Aransas.

Making friends in Port Aransas.

Triumphant atop Cat Bells.

Triumphant atop Cat Bells.

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