Bar Sinistre by Barbara Ruth

Art Credit - Elizabeth Stark

Art Credit – Elizabeth Stark

Barbara Ruth has a lefty parent, lover, best friend and politics, and longstanding southpaw envy. She recently did her fourth NaNoWriMo. This has made her especially appreciative of the brevity of Postcard Poems and Prose. She is also grateful to be reminded of the word “nemophilist” although she doesn’t believe the woods experience her as “haunting”. Her recent poetry and prose can be found in NeuroQueer and Barking Sycamores. She was a featured writer-activist at the National Old Lesbians Organizing for Change gathering in July of this year. When she is not writing 50,000 words in 30 days, hugging trees or looking for a revolution she can dance to, she is packing, house hunting and trying to explain to prospective landlords just how much fun it would be to rent her a lovely place. Now you know.

3 thoughts on “Bar Sinistre by Barbara Ruth

  1. Quote She Sings the Songs Without the Words and daily grows more feral. unquote

    Lines like this make PP&P so worth reading. Great piece of light! Thank you.


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