Liaison at Dusk by Oonah V. Joslin

Oonah Hedgehog

Oonah is currently Poetry Editor at The Linnet’s Wings. You can also find Oonah at and all the sites in the Header list,, at her former employ at, and as three-times winner at Or you could just Google Oonah V Joslin and see what happens.

Oonah's hedgehog visitor.

Oonah’s hedgehog visitor.


Says the author: “Hedgehogs are welcome garden visitors but they are becoming rarer. I happened to capture this one with my camera. Nearby there is an animal Sanctuarywhere sick and injured hedgehogs and other animals and birds are cared for and we actually got to meet a hedgehog called Meatball there. Hedgehogs are lovely creatures and so cute. Please (if you live in the UK) make room for them in your garden and be careful when burning those leaves!”



At the hedgehog sanctuary.

At the hedgehog sanctuary.

2 thoughts on “Liaison at Dusk by Oonah V. Joslin

  1. I feel your worry about the hedgehog. When I began to feed birds, there were so many of color, en route North, en route South. Now they are rare and pigeons and road runners stay year round here in the desert. Even the butterfly clouds seemed smaller this year.
    They will be gone when I leave. I will find someone new to feed with. So glad the hummingbirds stay.


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