Folktales by Grant Tarbard

Grant Tarbard - Folktales

Art credit – PP&P Staff

Grant Tarbard is the editor of The Screech Owl and co-founder of Resurgnt Press with Bethany W. Pope.
More of his work can be seen on Bone OrchardInk, Sweat & TearsThe Stare’s Nest and The Screech Owl.

The author.

The author.

3 thoughts on “Folktales by Grant Tarbard

  1. Ah, a banshee! My gran used to tell us how we would hear one wailing just before a death in the family – scared the life out of us. 🙂

    This also reminded me of the witch in Hansel and Gretel – didn’t Hansel extend a bone from the cage instead of his finger so she would keep trying to fatten him up for eating?

    Like all the ‘n’ sounds, Grant, suggesting the noise she might make gnawing away on that bone! That little seed at the end stays with you. The banshee is a harbinger of death, but the seed brings life. Interesting…


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