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Feel the Stump by Gail Denham

Photo Credit - Gail Denham
Photo Credit – Gail Denham
Weathered wood, scraggly junipers, old houses and barns, vintage items tickle Gail’s shutter finger. For 36 plus years she’s photographed and written about the “old;” fantasized about who might have lived in an old house, what a shriveled tree might have seen in its lifetime.
From the day she and a friend sneaked into an old house where food rotted on the table, spider webs clung, and stairs creaked, she’s enjoyed the tales she found in old wood, vintage items and well-used houses. Perhaps that’s why she also dabbles in antiques and books.
The past 36 years, she’s sold short stories, poems, photos featuring also children, families, events. Often when asked to photograph a person, she asks them to lean against a tree or a fence. This allows their body relax; thus a better photo.
Some time ago, a poem of Gail’s was used in Byline (now out of print) and was reprinted in her chapbook “Hold That Moment” —
                     from twisted grey trunks
                     faces peer, longingly, mute
                     prisoned in old growth
Then digital happened. Now she places as many transparencies on disc as possible, not wanting to lose precious images. 
For Gail, the “real”, the “feet on the ground” is important in writing. Humor helps. Family, faith, fun intertwine in poetry, short stories, and photography. Images, scenes, faces, inter-communication and story speak to her. These days she answers in poetry.
Poet and photojournalist Gail Denham.
Poet and photojournalist Gail Denham.

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    • I’m on facebook and email – haven’t gotten to a blog or other website – I also sell books on line – do collectable/antiques in a mall, etc. If I could find someone to help me do something SIMPLE – I’d love to do a blog – don’t know where wordpress is – I’ll look it up – thanks.


    • thanks Pat – I’m glad you liked it. I’m delighted to be able to do photo with poem – going to try more of that.


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