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Something Funny by Oonah V. Joslin

Photo Credit - Julie Morehouse
Photo Credit – Julie Morehouse
Oonah can be a queer old bird, ‘tis true but so far the house has not become rat infested since food usually doesn’t last that long in this house and we let in almost anyone who is willing to put their digestive tract to the test.But there’s nothing like family, you know… so if you have an Auntie Cline – why not go visit this weekend and see how the old girl is – even if she makes you shout through the letterbox or insists on boiling the tea.
You can find Oonah at and all the sites in the Header list., at her former employ at, this autumn as guest editor at The Linnet’s Wings, and as three-times winner at Or you could just Google Oonah V Joslin and see what happens.
The author.
The author.

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