Insignificant by Kerry E. B. Black

Art Credit - PP&P Staff

Art Credit – PP&P Staff

A childhood built upon fairytales produced stepping stones of quartz and gold. Romantic sensibilities and gothic dreams guide Kerry E.B. Black to craft words along such glittering paths. Please follow the author at or

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9 thoughts on “Insignificant by Kerry E. B. Black

  1. My wife and I drive. To leave the desert, to see family or to dance in the high desert of the Joshua. The scenery is more often than not, black-dotted singular with a sighting of one shoe
    I have been mentally collecting the sights of one shoe, shared the random discoveries with friends who now also find themselves driving and to their squealy joy, they can spy one shoe as well: just like Papa said, just like the Evil F Dust Bunny said. The one shoes are there. They have always been there. (Maybe like the Post horn in a Pynchon story). We just don’t look. But they are there
    alongside the road.
    And I, now we, wonder “How did it get there? How did one shoe fly out of a car or off the roof of a car, to find its’ place on the side of the road. What is the story behind that one shoe?” We gauge how wonderful our trip will turn out based on the sighting or sightings. Look for them, maybe alongside the glove or separate but they will be there and they each have a story to offer.
    We share the moment with Karen and understand.

    Thank you.

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