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Lagniappe by John Baradell Jr.

Quilt and Photo by Julie Morehouse
Quilt and Photo by Julie Morehouse

John Baradell was a prodigal classical musician who left the profession in 1980’s to become a mortgage banker with the largest company of its kind at the time​. Always one to seek new challenges, he later spent the next twenty years setting sales records in disparate fields, first as BBB Director of Membership in both Tampa and ​Birmingham​, then as Sales Manager with a locally iconic furniture company in Birmingham, and later as Management Consultant for financially distressed furniture companies nationwide.

John suffered a massive stroke in 2005, from which he was not expected to recover. After a great deal of therapy, he did recuperate, which he attributes to “the Glory of God.” Always a writer in his business ventures, he decided to become formally educated in that field and earned a B.A. in 2012 (Magma Cum Laude) in English/Writing from the University of West Florida. He started a company, Consult Write One, to uniquely combine his traditional writing talents and strong practical marketing experience with the ever-shifting skills needed in the Technological Revolution.

John continues to study different forms of art. A recent watercolor/oil of his, “Lobster Epiphany,” will be displayed at the local “Artel Gallery” in December of this year.

John lives in Pensacola, Florida, ​where he will complete graduate work in September in ​English/​Technical Writing at LA Tech. He spends his free time engaging in his lifetime pursuits of reading, surfing the web, and sailing. He has developed an another relatively new hobby, as well: writing fictional short stories and poetry, submitting them, and collecting rejection letters.

Baradell’s first short story (prose) to be published:

“Damn Tourists”

His long established communication blog (not used much lately because of a string of recent illnesses):

“Right Good”


The author's first open mic.
The author’s first open mic.
Lobster Epiphany
Lobster Epiphany

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