Global Forecast by Molly Middleton Meyer

Art Credit - PP&P Staff

Art Credit – PP&P Staff

Molly Middleton Meyer is the founder of Mind’s Eye Poetry. She works with dementia patients using a facilitation process that includes the use of sensory props, poetry recitation, and memory triggering questions. Through the facilitation process, Middleton Meyer is able to write on-the-spot-poems with her poet/patients. She helps those with Alzheimer’s not only re-capture memories, but also provides an outlet for creative expression. Working with dementia patients has its perks. Middleton Meyer is regularly hugged, kissed, told she looks 25 (she’s 51), and that she has “terrific teeth.” The day Eileen mistook Middleton for a stripper, however, wasn’t a compliment. Eileen was mad that poetry had replaced bingo. Middleton Meyer lives in Dallas, where she occasionally swings on a trapeze (for real), and corrects as many misspellings on signs, menus, and other printed material as is humanely possible. Don’t even get her started about “unsweet” tea. She like hats, hay bales, and footie pajamas.

Visit her at

Words Dance Publishing, Issue 18
Antioch University’s literary journal, Amuse Bouche


Hay bale.

Hay bale.

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