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Speak Easy by Kerry Black

Art Credit - PP&P Staff
Art Credit – PP&P Staff

For Kerry E.B. Black, writing is a lighthouse guiding sanity to a rocky shore; it is tea with friends and shivers around a campfire; it is found in retrospect and hope. She lives in a doll’s house along a river outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, dreaming and praying and wishing while raising amazing young people. Interested parties can find other published works in “Saturday Night Reader” and within the anthologies “Shades of Fear” and “Deathmongers,” and are invited to and

The author with Spiderman and The Princess, 2 of her 5 children.
The author with Spiderman and The Princess, 2 of her 5 children.
Kerry's pet gargoyle.
Kerry’s pet gargoyle.

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  1. Just to read the line “We partied together the night before, young and immortal” after just returning from 9 days on a dry lake bed with 69,000 people, dancing mad till dawn, made this a great read and very personal.
    Thank you for writing. I think you would make a fine Burner!


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