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Fiction Contest Runnerup – Barry Charman

Fiction Winner2
Barry Charman is a writer living in North London. He has been published in various magazines, including The Alarmist & Bare Fiction Magazine, and is soon to be published in Ambit. He has poems published online at Every Day Poets and Postcard Poems & Prose and won the Writers’ Forum flash fiction contest 2012, where he was published in the Lakeview International Journal of literature and arts.  He is currently working on a novel for children.
     “John Whim was startled one morning to find his pockets full of dirt. He scooped out a handful of soil and threw it to the ground. He spared a moment to think about the dirt and its arbitrary appearance in his life. But he had no more time to pause than that. He could come to no immediate conclusions so decided to walk on. Not important, he thought to himself with…” Click here to read Barry’s story.


Postcard Poems and Prose asked Barry, “Why do you write short fiction?”


“I’ve always found myself drawn to big ideas, strange concepts, stories that speculate what if? I like to think that a great idea is only the Launchpad for a story and once you’ve begun with an idea, you can twist it, explore it, follow it wherever it will take you. Strangely, I’ve found this works best with flash fiction. There’s something about exploring a vast idea with the precision of focus that flash demands, that brings out the best of the ideas I’ve worked with. Perhaps an idea can be over exposed, perhaps it is weakened the further you stretch it. All I know is I’ve found that the shorter the tale is, often the more impact it has. Probably this owes something to the fairy tale and the fable – the shorter the story is the more likely it is to be absorbed, repeated, remembered.”

Photo Credit - Barry Charman
Photo Credit – Barry Charman
Photo Credit - Barry Charman
Photo Credit – Barry Charman



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