Dandelion Fluff by Helen Curtis

Photo Credit - Helen Curtis

Photo Credit – Helen Curtis

Helen Curtis writes in the bluegrass when she is not participating in historical reenactments with her husband of almost 47 years or collecting rocks. Hubby likes to dig for flint which he knaps into arrowheads. Helen likes the shiny ones. Her next love is genealogy and when she finished shaking all the nuts (and a few criminals to boot) out of her tree she decided to ‘help’ her reluctant husband with his. She chased both sides back several hundred years, resulting in a field trip to his family’s home built in the 1600s in New England.

The author conceding the fight.

The author conceding the fight.



3 thoughts on “Dandelion Fluff by Helen Curtis

  1. When I was young, sometimes on May Day,the only flowers I could find to give Mom, were dandelions. She treasured them as though they were flower shop roses. What lovely imagery you have in this short, powerful piece. Lindy

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