Where Rocks Are Born by Lindy Le Coq

Photo Credit - LIndy LeCoq

Photo Credit – Lindy LeCoq

A lifetime resident of Washington State, Lindy Le Coq grew up respecting and loving the natural world; traits which are evident in her favorite activities and creative pursuits.

“Mini environments fascinate me; like a hermit crab in a periwinkle shell, tide pools, moss on a fence rail, dish gardens, the tiny flower heads of Sweet Alyssum.”

After retiring from a thirty year high school counseling career, Lindy is happy “to spend the rest of my life being the artist I am, and coaxing my dormant stories into the light of day.”  Currently she is writing a biography of her ninety-two year old father, working the final edit of her third short story, and creating color pencil drawings to illustrate her short stories.

“When the weather is too hot, too cold, or too wet, I prefer to write, draw and read. When it’s nice though, I like to play outside.”As summer approaches you will find Lindy grubbing around in her gardens ~ maintaining old and creating new landscape garden environments.

Where Rocks Are Born is her third piece published by PP&P.  To see more of her visual and written works   visit Lindy’s blog at http://lindylecoq.wordpress.com

Lindy's mug shot.

Lindy’s mug shot.

Lindy's version of a selfie.

Lindy’s version of a selfie.










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