Table Top by Doug Mathewson

Art Credit - PP&P Staff

Art Credit – PP&P Staff


Recently  our own Kitty Wang interviewed author Doug Mathewson for the “Characters & Curiosities” section of the Bangor Badger Weekly. Here are some excerpts.

“When experts advise “write what you know” it makes me laugh. I know nothing! Even at my age I realize the more I learn about something the less I really know. I think better advise is write what you feel. You know what you feel, and even if you don’t I find writing about helps me to decide. You can slant the story, stack the deck, and make things come out anyway you want. We change our memories of people and events to suit ourselves anyway.”

“When working as a writer, a photographer, or an editor I feel I am telling a story. I want people to look and listen, to bring them in. I want to be as inclusive as I can. It’s not about showing off how obscure or difficult the piece and be. The work, the story, the image, the collection of short stories; that’s what is important not me, not even other contributors. It’s just the one person looking at the piece and and them walking away with more than they came with. Maybe with a smile, be it happy or sad as well.”

Most recently Doug was published by The Boston Literary Magazine, Right Hand PointingriverbabbleJersey Devil, and Bad Robot Poetry. More of his work comes and goes at little2say, and he is the managing editor of Blink-Ink, a quarterly journal of fifty word fiction and photography.

Storm rolls in, carnival rolls on.

Storm rolls in, carnival rolls on.

Jacob's other ladder.

Jacob’s other ladder.


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