Noticing by Stacy Murison

Photo Credit - Stacy Murison

Photo Credit – Stacy Murison

Stacy Murison has written nonfiction, poetry, and short fiction most of her life, but has spent many years doing “Very Important Work” for others. She’s grateful that Ann Cummins and Nicole Walker refused to let her lurk around the MFA program, in which she is now officially enrolled as a “student,” and to Shelly for letting her sneak off a few hours a week to take classes.  Her husband has offered to fold the laundry so that she has more time for classes and writing.  Stacy has not been published since her last Letter to the Editor in 1991 and is grateful to Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine for publishing Noticing.

Murison's Natural State

Author Stacy Murison

11 thoughts on “Noticing by Stacy Murison

  1. Wonderful little piece of flash fiction – amazing how in so few words you can make me see and understand the emotions of this woman and her insight at the end is just right. Thanks for a morning post card that really packs a punch – Joe indeed.

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