Plot of Porches by Angelina Oberdan


Photo Credit - Angelina Oberdan

Photo Credit – Angelina Oberdan


Angelina Oberdan lives in South Carolina with her cat, named Trouble, and her two dogs, Layla and Finley. When she’s not spending time with them, she obsesses about the thingspeople leave in their yards or on the side of the road.

Angelina teaches too many classes, but she loves it. She also writes too much for the same reason. She has a MFA in poetry from McNeese State University, and her poems have been published in many journals including Bayou Reivew, Cold Mountain Review, Italian Americana, Louisiana Literature, Southern Indiana Review, and Yemassee. She’s trying to publish her chapbook and perfect her full length manuscript.

For more information about Angelina Oberdan, visit her website at

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5 thoughts on “Plot of Porches by Angelina Oberdan

  1. Like me you see and worry about weird stuff and make up little stories about them. As we drive, along the road we will frequently spy one shoe and literally for decades, we have oft wondered how it got there. We have considered pulling over an taking it’s pictures and marking it’s location and then selling it as “Art” including the time, temperature and day of the week the shoe was spotted.
    Last week when my bus was being towed 102 miles for repairs, we spied what must have been a cluster of 25-30 individual shoes. None appeared to match. Our minds are still racing. Thank you for letting me know that I am not the only one…


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