Terror House by Adam Purple

Photo Credit - Adam Purple

Photo Credit – Adam Purple

Adam Purple makes a living by other means, but wishes to someday be known as a writer.  He is a history geek and is particularly interested in historical fiction, stories of crime and espionage that take place in a pre-connected world, when events were large, communication was slow, and horizons were short.  War and suffering, treachery and betrayal, revolution and social upheaval—all without texts, tweets, or even a decent land line.

His work has appeared in Portland Monthly Magazine; Short, Fast and Deadly; Boston Literary Magazine; and in the anthology Best New England Crime Stories 2014: Stone Cold.  His latest short story, Boulevard Saint-Michel, is available in Kindle and printed format from Amazon.

Adam has several versions of the great American novel moldering in his desk drawer, where—trust him—they rightly belong.  Perhaps when they are properly aged, and then completely rewritten, they may see the light of day.  Until that time, he continues to enjoy writing short stories and flash fiction.

More about Adam and his work can be found at his website, www.adampurple.net.

Author Adam Purple.

Author Adam Purple.

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