A Woman For All Seasons by John Ritchie/Stacey Law

Original Painting by Stacey Law

Original Painting by Stacey Law

As lots of people, well, several people, O.K. actually two, have suggested/insisted (delete as applicable) that John should review his biography, John has complied. John is not easily swayed, except by high winds and threats of personal violence, guess which was applied on this occasion (answers on a plain brown postcard to PP&P), but a word in the right ear, the left one is for out-going messages only, set his remaining brain cells throbbing and less than a year later, give or take a millennia, here is the requested script.

Oh, incidentally, the two people who popped round to John’s residence at Bag End and suggested/insisted (delete as applicable) that John should review his biography were captured by John’s state-of-the-ark CCTV camera and should be on this page. If you can’t see them it is either: because they have claimed they were framed and Robert T. Ironside has got them off on a technicality or they have jumped to light speed and are currently doing unspeakable things to a planet in a galaxy far, far away. After reviewing the several miles of footage recorded by John’s Vicious Crime Recorder, crime enforcement officers were so impressed by this evidence of a crime being enforced they have invited the participants to a New Years Black and White Ball at San Quentin.

As it seems to be the practice for celebrities to share their most intimate secrets with the wider world, John has also included a shot of part of his Al Fresco dressing room at Malibu. This photograph should allay malicious rumours currently circulating in theTabloid press, that John always wears the same three shirts.

Feeling lucky, punk?

Feeling lucky, punk?

John's walk-in wardrobe.

John’s walk-in wardrobe.






Stacey Law is both an artist and a poet . Her book  Beauteous Be Poesy, an anthology of poems, is available on Google, amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. She is a Syracuse, New York, native and after working in the retail and insurance industry for years she decided to become part of the art and poetry world.
Stacey has received several Editor’s Choice awards, a creative writing skills award, and was nominated Poet of the Year twice. She was also awarded several poetry award pins in her field..
She is publishing a second book in the later part of the year. Her blog of a variety of poetry can be enjoyed on  Http://poetrycurio.blogspot.com
Stacey plans to increase her skills in the art field by attending one of the top 10 art Institutes, Pratt Munson Williams, in the fall after receiving a scholarship on her merits of previous collage and art. Her previous studies included majors in management and accounting. Her reflections will continue in poetry and expand in her art career.
Two sample still life paintings are displayed and one of her ancient looks of a mural. They were utilized in her portfolio to be accepted in the college.In the future her paintings will be of more experience through her efforts.


6 thoughts on “A Woman For All Seasons by John Ritchie/Stacey Law

  1. Hi Bob

    I have replied to you twice before, thanking you for you kind words, but for some reason both comments have not made it through. Hopefully, this time.


    John Ritchie

  2. Hi Marion

    When you get pictures as good as Stacey’s and publication support as wonderful as that from Dave and Christy, my part in the collaboration is a breeze.

    Thank you for reading and commenting.



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