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Fight for the Ten Hour Day by Holly Guran and Philip L. McAlary

Photo Credit - Philip L. McAlary
Photo Credit – Philip L. McAlary

Phil (photographer) and Holly (poet), a retired couple, enjoy the luxury of at last having time for their  own work.  Holly is continually inspired by the 19th century mill workers, especially the “mill girls” of Lowell, Massachusetts, and Phil finds in present-day Lowell a chance to capture its tarnished beauty.

One of Holly’s poems, “Turn Out” (which appeared in Borderlands), is about the special courage of a young mill worker, Harriet Hanson, who went on to become a writer and feminist—her works are still in print.  She and the man she married, William Robinson, courted in the 1840s. Their love letters are the basis for a collection Holly is currently writing.  The two met thanks to a poem of Harriet’s William published in The Lowell Courier.  Coincidentally, Phil met Holly after hearing one of her poems.

Their dog Ginger deserves credit for a recent booklet they produced, The Arnold Arboretum: Photographs and Poems.  Peter’s Hill is a favorite gathering place for dogs of all kinds. Some of them (and many other images) found their way into this booklet.

Holly has published two chapbooks; her full-length collection, River Full of Bones, is with the publisher; her poems have appeared in a long list of journals.  Check out to learn more.

Phil studied at Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. He participates in the Boston Camera Club and has had work displayed in several galleries.

Author Holly Guran.
Author Holly Guran.
Photographer Philip McAlary and Ginger.
Photographer Philip McAlary and Ginger.
Arnold Arboretum photos.
Arnold Arboretum photos.


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