Possum by David Appelbaum

Art Credit - PP&P Staff

Art Credit – PP&P Staff

David Appelbaum is a poet who lives in the Shawangunk Mountains of New York State where he is an avid biker and hiker. His poetry has appeared in APQ, Commonweal, Rhino, and Harpur Palate, and his recent books include Jiggerweed [Finishing Line Press, 2011] and Letters and Found Poems of Edisa and Chloe [Codhill Press, 2012]. He has served as editor of Parabola Magazine, and among his favorite poets are Wallace Stevens and Linda Hogan. He is an avid admirer of philosophy and linguistics.

Link to Appelbaum on Amazon.


Another model of the author’s head, with wood hands, one to each side. (Art credit – Kate Hamilton)


A mask of the author’s head, finished with a weaving of paper strips with text lines from the works of Derrida. An image of both Appelbaum’s and Derrida’s faces are interwoven or superimposed on one another. (Art credit – Kate Hamilton)

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