Magic by S Wallace

Art Credit - PP&P

Art Credit – PP&P

S Wallace lives with her 2 cats by the sea, likes to stick her big toe in, get her feet wet, and has finally found her keys. Her first book of poetry, When Daylight Ends, was published by Publish America in 2005 and is still available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and several other online book seller sites.  She is working on her second book of poetry. Her magic wand is still being repaired. Thankfully, she has a spare.


Photo credit – Suza Goltz


Photo credit – Suza Goltz

3 thoughts on “Magic by S Wallace

  1. I enjoyed this story — the magic has its routine(annual wand service:)) and a magician can be allergic to magical effects. Loved the irony.


  2. Love, love, love this story! It is completely endearing, with a charming and lovable character, and a story that brilliantly expresses the mundane in the magical. The artwork is colorful and fun, and works beautifully with the story. I think children everywhere would love this character and eagerly follow along on her magical journeys. I know I would love to see what happens after she walks out the door!


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