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Bohemian Days by Isabella David

Art Credit - Isabella David
Art Credit – Isabella David

Isabella David is a French-American writer, actor, and artist. She obtained her BA in Comparative Literature from the University of Virginia, taught high school English and French, then proceeded to New York, where, while writing on the sly, she did nothing that pertained to her academic studies, focusing instead on acting in theater and film. Currently, she mostly writes, frequently reads, maintains a blog, occasionally paints and would like to do more of all of the above except that she also cares for a feisty toddler. She recently moved to the countryside outside the city, where she and the feisty toddler live with her husband and dog. Her work has appeared in The Lascaux Review, Slippery Elm, Interrupt Mag, Adbusters, The First Line, Every Day Fiction, Every Day Poets, Postcard Shorts, and elsewhere. To learn more about her work please visit: or follow her on Twitter @IsabellaMDavid.

Isabella explains the artwork and poem above as follows: “I’ve always loved to draw people and women in particular. My mother thought I shoudl be a fashion designer, but I was more interested in the people or the costumes than in the commercial aspect, that is, in crafting characters. I was delighted when I discovered the artist Alphonse Mucha and began to draw inspiration from his endless paintings of women, working on recreating details from them. Above is an example of one such inspiration that I drew on a Spring day of perfect and simple happiness, and so when I wrote the poem I paired the two. I thought they matched in feeling.”

Some links to published work:
1. Another short short at Postcard Shorts:
An acting headshot by Golden Age Photography.
An acting headshot by Golden Age Photography.
A dorky shot of the author and her daughter wearing matching outfits -- Converse socks for her and black sneaks for me and stripey dresses.
A dorky shot of the author and her daughter wearing matching outfits — stripey dresses with Converse socks for her and black sneaks for mom.
The author's daughter, a budding musician.
The author’s daughter, a budding musician.

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  1. Nice poem – and artwork. I assume you did this artwork? Love the pictures of your little one.


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