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Seasons Come, Accept Them by Gail Denham

Photo Credit - Gail Denham
Photo Credit – Gail Denham

It’s been Gail Denham’s delight to tell stories since childhood — later to write them. Poetry, essays, short stories, articles, newspaper stories and photos have filled up 35 years of waiting for the mail, with many encouragements that slipped through. Between 2008 and 2010, she published three chapbooks– Hold That MomentOn the Way to Everywhere, and Dancin’ Thru’ Puddles.

Gail and her husband have raised four sons and housed a variety of come-and-go college lodgers. They now enjoy having a heap of grandchildren come and go.  Their great family are not only a delight, but fodder for her stories, poems and photos. Youngest child Mitch grew blase about being on the cover of some magazine. Since he was the last at home, he also was asked to test the teen stories. Gail’s husband of 54 years, Dan, has been Gail’s encourager, along with many writer friends and Gail’s Finnish mother until she died.

It’s been Gail’s privilege to lead writing and photography workshops at Northwest conferences. Presently she belongs to a dozen state poetry associations and is about to moderate an on-line critique group.

Age, in Gail’s mind, is merely something that fades the hair and irritates your muscles, bones, eyes, and perhaps hearing — but is not in charge of the mind and heart. She gives thanks for remaining alert, alive, aspiring, and active. Humor, faith, and story are high on her list of subjects about which to write. Gail regularly submits to and wins prizes from contests.

Gail’s Facebook page.

Author Gail Denham.
Author Gail Denham.
Mitch and kids on raft--some of the family fun about which Gail loves to write.
Mitch and kids on raft–some of the family fun about which Gail loves to write.

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    • Maria – thanks for your good wishes. It’s a never-ending job – which keeps one going on and on. Course there’s always that time of facing a new “blank” page…challenges!!


  1. Our car used to need a bumper sticker “stop for old barns” since I love to photograph them. And write about them. I do appreciate the Postcard/Prose site – they do a nice job. Glad you felt led to use my photo and prose. Gail Denham


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