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The Meadow by Juanita H. McGregor

Art Credit - PP&P Staff
Art Credit – PP&P Staff

Juanita McGregor wasn‘t born holding a pencil but found one shortly after. Her scribbled message as a three-year-old to an uncle in the military is proof positive. She lives in jeans now but gets weak in the knees for good fabric and clothing design; part of her writing past included commentary for fashion shows she coordinated. Working in a book department led to a blind date with a guy interested in politics who did stand-up in a coffee house. He nicknamed her “The Little Book Girl” and has survived her pencil, pets, now three chocolate-point Siamese of dubious paternity, a short history of a fiercely family-oriented matriarch written for the family,  and  her purse  always crammed with wadded pieces of paper filled with pencil jottings.  The jottings have found favor with a few. Rose and Thorn took “Hail Christmas” for their fall 2012 issue, Sweet Tooth  published ”Bye Bye MBA” in issue 12,”P.Q” in issue 13, “Red and Green” in issue 14, “Reverse the Order” in issue 15, and “Wonder If He Knows” in issue 16 , Thick Jam has been kind enough to feature “Cruelty’s Price” and “Just a Word in My World” at # 206 and # 236. Now Juanita will be delighted to add Postcard Poems and Prose to the list.

Her bedroom wall was chosen to be part of a photographic essay by Lois Bielefeld entitled, ”The Bedroom”  for which Lois asked her to write the foreword. Other acceptances are just beginning to trickle in and at the risk of sounding soppy, her heart still leaps every time one comes. Without shame she admits to pounding on a lot of doors and intends continue to use her pencil and be a pest for what she writes.

The author.
The author.
The bedroom photo.
The bedroom photo.

Gipsy cards, beads, siver coins photo for postcard poems and proseSky photo for Postcard Poems and Prose

Postcard Poems and Prose View All

An Intersect of Authors and Art

5 thoughts on “The Meadow by Juanita H. McGregor Leave a comment

    • Thank you for your comment…as long as there are enough of us to pass along the beauty and mystery, this past’s future is ensured.


  1. Spook … Thank you for this beautiful piece … nostalgia perfect. I love it, too, Am printing it and posting on my desk wall (roll top)..


    • And that’s fine, Bill. Please remember that Juanita’s story and our art are copyright materials. Your wall is fine with us. Beyond that we may have issues. 🙂 We are pleased you stopped by to take a peek. Juanita impressed us and we were proud to feature her work.


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