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Fragment by Randall Brown

Art Credit - PP&P Staff
Art Credit – PP&P Staff
Randall Brown has four favorite f-words: family, flash, fly-fishing, and FRiGG. In addition to blogging at FlashFiction.Net or managing Matter Press and its Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, he can be found covered in dogs, posing in a stream, or hanging out with stormtroopers.
Work online
“At First I Find It Hard To Believe”
Tin House Online
“Like An Original Response”
American Short Fiction Online
“Six Flashes”
Work for sale:
Mad to Live
A Pocket Guide to Flash Fiction
Covered in dogs.
Covered in dogs.
Posing in a stream.
Posing in a stream.
Hanging out with stormtroopers!
Hanging out with stormtroopers!

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