Borrowed Time by Ray Dean

Art Credit - PP&P Staff

Art Credit – PP&P Staff

Ray Dean’s works are steeped in history like tea… some brews thicker than others… some sweeter than others… A lifelong student of history, she’s explored it through writing, theater, and reenacting. Not only does she enjoy the broad strokes but also the tight bead on target.

A night owl by nature, Ray writes when everyone else is tucked away in bed, snoozing… *yawn*
Visit Ray Dean at her:
Author Ray Dean.

Author Ray Dean.

Ray Dean says: "Don't mess with the rifle... seriously. (The green bullets were mine.)"

Ray Dean says: “Don’t mess with the rifle… seriously. (The green bullets were mine.)”

3 thoughts on “Borrowed Time by Ray Dean

  1. Ray Dean – I like your poem. It echoes what so many of us in “sandwich” generation have going. It’s hard.


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