Abandoned Farm Houses- Spring by Allison Stroud

Photo Credit - Allison Stroud

Photo Credit – Allison Stroud

Allison Stroud Magnus is a college literature teacher living in rural Illinois. She obtained her MA in Creative Writing from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. She is married to a kind man and has a sixteen-year-old daughter of whom she is very proud (what parent isn’t?)

She has always been drawn to nature and neglected things, and this poem came out of her attraction to the tension between the angles and decay of man-made objects and the ability of nature to renew itself.  Her interest in neglected things has led her to rescue many stay animals from ditches over the years, and she does volunteer work for the Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue, the organization from which she adopted her dog, . She also has two horses and rides dressage in addition to being an amateur photographer.

She does not ambitiously pursue publication but has had one other poem published under her maiden name, Allison Stroud, by The Feminist Wire in May of 2013.

These two photos represent the sort of delicious abandoned farms she has found in the county where she lives.


4 thoughts on “Abandoned Farm Houses- Spring by Allison Stroud

  1. This is great – and how I love that old house – and your other pictures. One of my favorite photo subjects.


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