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The True Story of King Midas and the Golden Ring by Alex Hurst

Alex Hurst - Midas

Alex Hurst lives in Kyoto, where postcards are still a daily part of life. An earlier life spent in woodlands and then on the road, driving all across America, instilled in her a great love of imagination, which she tries to instill in her narratives. When she isn’t writing, she teaches children English and edits short story anthologies for multiple publishing houses. Somehow, she also finds time for photography, art, and video production. Her most recent edited work is Growing Concerns, an eco-horror anthology published by Chupa Cabra House. You can keep up with the whirling dervish of her life on her blog, Alex Hurst.
Previously published works:

Memories (self-published short story)
Writers’ Anarchy I (“The Bell Tower” is my offering)
Scalawag (free fiction on blog)
Author Alex Hurst.
Author Alex Hurst.


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  1. Reblogged this on Alex Hurst and commented:
    A micro-fiction of mine just went live over at Postcard Poems & Prose.

    The story is set within a larger mythos I am creating for my current WIP and first novel, “Ma’mun”.

    It takes less than ninety seconds to read, so why not have a look, and help the zine by leaving a comment!


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