Traveler’s Lament by Stella Reed

Art Credit - PP&P staff

Art Credit – PP&P staff

Stella C Reed has been living, loving and writing in the adobe brown poem of Santa Fe, NM for over 25 years where she has learned to appreciate the scarcity of water and the paucity of insects. She publishes fiction, poetry and essays in magazines and anthologies nationally and in Australia and participates in community events that combine art and poetry.  Her achievements include a Pushcart Prize nomination and the D.H. Lawrence prize for fiction from Taos Summer Writers. Stella is a teacher in the WingSpan Poetry Project, providing creative expression for women residents in domestic violence and homeless shelters.

At this point she does not blog or tweet or participate in any other one syllable activity that sounds like it comes from the bowels of Middle Earth. However, you can see a recent publication that she is included in by following this link:

And another here:

Fierce winds have always been an issue for her, no matter the country, as is evidenced in the accompanying photographs.

PPP2 (640x480)PPP1

4 thoughts on “Traveler’s Lament by Stella Reed

  1. Love it – the details make the poem – I can just imagine you love it down there. I also love the desert – we’re in Central Oregon where it’s not far to wide-open spaces

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