Flying Home by Amy MacLennan

Art Credit - PP&P

Art Credit – PP&P

Amy MacLennan’s poetry has appeared in Ferret Fancy, Modern Ski Lift Operator, and Sewage Today. She was shortlisted for the Lives of the Ancients Sonnet Prize for her poem, “Rumi Was a Hottie.” Amy has been anthologized in 17 International Library of Poetry editions, and she was once paid for a poem with two pounds of coffee. In her spare time, she likes to conjugate Latin verbs, create scrapbooks out of the flaps of flat tire rubber she finds on freeways, and find new ways to knot her shoelaces (her current favorite is the Turquoise Turtle Shoelace Knot). She lives in Ashland, Oregon.
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Links to some poems published online:
Author Amy MacLennan

Author Amy MacLennan

Amy;s fictional double.

Amy’s fictional double.

Ginsberg Doll.

Ginsberg Doll.

The author's desk.

The author’s desk.

4 thoughts on “Flying Home by Amy MacLennan

  1. Nice poem – brings a clear picture – your desk looks like mine (and probably most every other writer)

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