dinner theater by Carl Palmer

Art Credit - PP&P staff

Art Credit – PP&P staff

Carl “Papa” Palmer, retired Army, retired FAA, now just plain retired, lives in University Place, WA. without cell phone, wristwatch or alarm clock. He has seven published chapbooks and the contest winning poem riding a bus somewhere in Seattle.

MOTTO: Long Weekends Forever

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Author Carl "Papa" Palmer.

Author Carl “Papa” Palmer.



Carl relates the following story about the illustration below: When Jason, my son, was younger, probably not even in school, we used the alphabet in sequence for the first letter of each word to make these three sentences:

A Blue Car Drove Extra Fast Going Halfway Into Jail.

Kathy Let Mr. Nelson Out Pretty Quietly.

Read Slowly To Ugly, Very Wise, Xtra Young Zebras.

Lenard Eccles, friend, fellow author and illustrator of Sydney Snail, a series of children’s books in England, depicts our father and son ABC story in this drawing.

Image (15)1

Art credit: Lenard Eccles

14 thoughts on “dinner theater by Carl Palmer

  1. In “dinner theater” Carl Palmer remembers the most important thing. With the distractions of good food and a theater show just beginning, his eyes remain where his heart is – with his love. Sweet poem!


    • Thank you, Annette, you and I were in PROUD TO BE volume 2 together, I loved your interview with an old soldier. I was blessed to be in volume I, as well, which received The Stars and Flags 2013 Book Award, GOLD Anthology/Collection.


      • I will pull the book out and read your piece. Thanks for your kind words and especially for your service.


  2. “Tonight Only” — Torchy! Careful now, it’s nearly February, and you’ll be giving Gerald ideas!


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