Third Snow — Atlanta, Georgia 2011 by Hilary King

Art Credit - PP&P staff

Art Credit – PP&P staff

Hilary King is a poet and playwright living in Atlanta, Georgia. Eight years into parenthood, she realizes is trying to recreate for her children, and for herself, the magic of her childhood, when the world seemed huge and full of stories, stories waiting to be told, and waiting to be heard.”

You can read more of Hilary’s work in such publications as The Cortland Review, Ginkgo Tree Review, PANK, and  The Anthology of Southern Poetry V: Georgia.
Author Hilary King.

Author Hilary King.

Chairs talking.

Chairs talking.

3 thoughts on “Third Snow — Atlanta, Georgia 2011 by Hilary King

  1. Love it Hillary…this is a great way to parent – we used to do the same thing – we lived on a hill and NOBODY went anywhere when we had a big snow. we’d have about one BIG one a year – and eveyrone went out to play – came in to drip on the floor and drink hot chocolate — and then back out again.
    Thanks for sharing


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