The Green Crayon by Patricia Carragon

Art Credit - PP&P staff

Art Credit – PP&P staff

Patricia Carragon loves cupcakes, chocolate, cats, haiku, and the borough of Brooklyn. She has published two poetry books and curates Brooklyn’s Brownstone Poets. Her publication credits include Best Poem, BigCityLit, CLWN WR, Clockwise Cat, Danse Macabre, Inertia, Lips, The Long Island Quarterly, Marymark Press, Mad Hatters’ Review, The Toronto Quarterly, and others.  She is the author of Journey to the Center of My Mind (Rogue Scholars Press, 2005) and Urban Haiku and More (Fierce Grace Press, 2010). She hosts the Brooklyn-based Brownstone Poets and is the editor-in-chief of its annual anthology.  Patricia is a member of Brevitas, a group fiercely dedicated to short poems.  For more information, please check out her Web sites at and at

Pattie on LIRR 8_4_13Pattie C. (15)

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