totem by Laurie Zupan/Tom Scherschel

Art credit - Tom Scherschel

Art credit – Tom Scherschel

Laurie lives in southern California where she is inspired by beautiful sunsets, white sand, and water. She really does love long, barefoot walks on the beach.

On workdays, Laurie puts shoes on and goes to school. She’s taught students from kinder to college in the greater Los Angeles area for over 28 years (although you’d never guess it by her youthful appearance!).

In 2001, Laurie earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Antioch University. Going back to school and being immersed in poetry while being guided by wonderful teachers and enthusiastic and talented students is still among her most memorable experiences.

Laurie has had work published in anthologies and magazines including Writer’s Digest, Ginosko, downtownster, Mamas and Papas On the Sublime and Heartbreaking Art of Parenting. She’s also written a book that supports parents of young writers. You can find it on Amazon click here. To find it for other e-formats, click here.

When Laurie isn’t writing, teaching or walking the beach, she is enjoying visits with her handsome, brilliant, and successful, grown son.

To read more about Laurie, check out her website at

Laurie’s portrait was taken by Cielo Roth.

Author Laurie Zupan.

Author Laurie Zupan.



Tom Scherschel is a self-taught artist and lover of all things southern Californian (even though he grew up in Indiana—go figure).

As a recently retired elementary school teacher, he is in the process of reinventing himself yet again. His artwork is literally and figuratively mirroring his life. He is exploring new avenues and taking chances in ways that he hasn’t previously done. If a new piece isn’t working, he completely paints it out or scratches parts away, continually adding different textures, colors, and layers.

The artwork, Cardinal Totem, was inspired by his deceased father, Hugh. Though not particularly spiritual, Tom and his siblings assigned this symbol (which happens to be the state bird of Indiana) as the totem representation of their dad. In a recent art class in which Tom was given the assignment to “paint with red,” the choice to create a graphic cardinal seemed completely natural. The piece utilizes acrylic paints on a background of wood.

Tom’s other paintings can be viewed at The Hellada Art Center in Long Beach, California ( His artwork has also been recently published online in the inaugural issue of Subprimal Poetry Art ( ). Tom can be contacted at: .

Tom lives in Long Beach with his partner, Craig, and their cats, Buddy and Sally. (By the way, he claims now that he has taken an early retirement, he wants to embrace his inner geezer. The fact that he hates having his picture taken at this stage of life seems to belie that. He has reluctantly agreed to let Laurie use this one.)

Artist Tom Scherschel.

Artist Tom Scherschel.

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