LOWER EAST SIDE, 1935 by Annette Armellino

Art Credit - Annette Armellino

Art Credit – Annette Armellino

Annette is a poet/writer, watercolorist, and photographer. She was born in NYC, part of a large, extended, Italian family from the Lower East Side of Manhattan. After moving to Brooklyn, and then Staten Island, Annette felt friendless. At that point, she spent much time reading – often in closets. She currently lives with her wonderful husband, sweet but psycho dog, and two crazy parrots in South Jersey.

Annette’s work has been published in THE OTHER HERALD, THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, BUDZUSHAMMER, THE BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES, and PROUD TO BE: WRITING BY AMERICAN WARRIORS, VOLUME 2(she’s no warrior; the book contains an interview with her father, a WW 2 Vet). Some of her poems have been finalists in the Collingswood Book Festival and MEDFORD HONORS POETS competitions. Ms. Armellino’s watercolors and photographs have appeared in various South Jersey art exhibits.

Annette painted the above watercolor for her father’s 90th birthday gift. It depicts her grandfather with the pushcart he used to sell bananas and is titled BANANA MAN. Ms. Armellino’s poem, LOWER EAST SIDE 1935, is based on an actual event in her father’s life.

Annette’s work will soon be found at annettearmellino.wordpress.com. The site, much like her, is a work in progress. Hopefully, it will be finished before she is.

Email Annette here.

Annette and Rich.

Annette and Rich.

Lacey - pop art.






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