Fantasy and Fiction by Ken Poyner

Art Credit - PP&P

Art Credit – PP&P

Ken Poyner lives in the lower right hand corner of Virginia with his National Champion power lifter wife, two nervous betta fish, and four rescue cats.  His poetry has been in “Asimov’s” to “Poet Lore” to “Zahir”, and his fiction has been in “Corium” to  “Gone Lawn” to “Menacing Hedge”.   His e-book of flash fiction, “Constant Animals”, is available from all the usual e-book retailers, and through links back to those retailers on his web site:  To buy the book is to keep ever more brewery workers in their jobs.  The web site also has links to some of his Internet published work, as well as pictures of his wife lifting and a list of many of her records.

“Constant Animals” should soon be coming out in paperback as well; and his next book, yet to be titled, is on the operating table at the publisher, being pared in some places and expanded in others, under the expert care of the publishing house editor.  It will be announced on the web site, and hopefully many other places, when it is at last available.

In the meantime, Ken plans to keep practicing his shape-shifting hobby and representing the local bear community at literary events.

Author Ken Poyner

Author Ken Poyner


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