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Crows by Winston Plowes

Illustration Credit - Winston P
Illustration Credit – Winston Plowes
This autumn Winston has succeeded in both walking 33 miles and cycling 133 miles in whole but separate days. In having his first encounters with sinusitis, banana sandwiches and broken little fingers. In becoming vegetarian, misinterpreting kisses and postponing DIY projects. So long as the average of the rough and smooth comes out in the positive he always counts his blessings.
You can find out more about Winston’s work at his website –
Animal impression No 14) The Gazelle - Photo credit @HeardinLondon
Animal impression No 14) The Gazelle – Photo credit @HeardinLondon
Cycling companion.
Cycling companion.
The first of many...
The first of many…

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  1. A bit more information on the process if anyone is interested… ‘Crow’ is a pencil rubbing erasure of a floorboard over a printed extract from David Foster Wallace’s ‘This is water’ speech. Presented as a negative image with added blur effects.


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