Ripples by Lennart Lundh

Photo Credit - Lennart Lundh

Photo Credit – Lennart Lundh

Lennart Lundh has been published as a poet, short-fiction writer, photographer, and historian since 1965. His other professions have included a deployment off the coast of South Vietnam; computer operations, programming, and project management; and retail store management.

He and Lin, his wife of forty-five years, reside in northern Illinois but wouldn't mind too much if they had to move back to San Diego. They have three grown daughters, six grandchildren (ages running from eleven to twenty-six), and a year-old great-granddaughter. The space once filled by the daughters is now given over to a pair of cats, some Bernese Mountain Dogs, and a Tibetan Terrier.

Len is, like most writers, often asked why he writes. While he comes up with varied and plausible answers, he really hasn't a clue as to the truth. The same applies to other irritating questions, such as where he gets his ideas. Friends don't let friends ask such things.

On the other hand, he's always pleased to be asked about writers who have influenced him. High on the list are Carl Sandburg, Richard Brautigan, Margaret Atwood, Ray Bradbury, Patricia McKillip, J.G. Ballard, and Wayne Mutza.

To find his books of aviation history, search his name on or at the Web pages of Schiffer Publishing ( and Squadron/Signal Publications (

Examples of his fiction can be found in the archives of the original Liars League (; Arachne Press' recently released Weird Lies anthology (; and Issue 6 of Jet Fuel Review (

Poetry and photography can both be found in several of the Squire anthologies produced by Writing Knights Press (  WKP is also the publisher of Len's first chapbook, Pictures of an Other Day.

There are readings of several poems, and the full text of an interview done for Arachne Press, on YouTube. And, if that's not enough, there are dozens of other print and online venues that have included his work over a period of forty-eight years. Perhaps Len's favorite among the print journals his work has appeared in is The Binnacle, published by the University of Maine at Machias, which has the sensibility, look, and feel of issues of Poetry Magazine from back in the Seventies.


Simone Muench took this snapshot of the author at the Lewis University open mic on November 15, 2013. This is not the appearance when he tripped getting up on the platform; it’s the one where he read three relatively academic pieces, whatever that means, and later closed the evening with a slam work, much to everyone’s surprise.

Len says, “The grandkids. They’re an interesting group of very unique individuals. I love them all as completely as I love their mothers and their mothers’ mother. Mat, the oldest, has been the subject of a couple of my poems. That’s what he gets for having been to Afghanistan, as well as for getting married and for making me a great-grandfather without first checking if I wanted to be one.”

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    • Thank you, Kathleen. I struggled with it, but not because of the word choices. Took me quit a while to find the right place for it in relation to the other two stanzas.


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