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F4AD – A Staging by Bonnie Ditlevsen

Fiction4ADay Bonnie

I’ll be Oregon-bound, baby, once I sell this house.

Once I sell this house and sign the papers and have a yard sale and pack up what’s too precious to sell, I’ll drive west with my six-year-old and four-year-old boys and their car seats and portable DVD players. I’ll cross the Continental Divide and then it’ll be downhill all the way, at least continentally speaking, to Oregon and the Pacific coast.

This house. Too sparse in furnishings, too bland in color, too cluttered with kids’ toys, Lego bits under your bare heel on a stair step, old drawings under twin beds collecting dust bunnies, cheap frying pans and Corelleware filling faux-birch cabinetry in the kitchen. Read more here…

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Bonnie Ditlevsen is a mezzo-soprano who sings 17th-century works in Latin, and in the shower.  For the past three years she has worked hard as founding editor of Penduline, a Portland online literary magazine of fiction, poetry and art (  A solo parent for donkey’s ears, Bonnie writes narratives on education (The Literary KitchenHip MamaORBIDA), social and apocalyptical satire pieces (Every Day FictionThe People’s Apocalypse), and fender-bending poetry (the prompt literary magazine).  For study, work, and love, she has emigrated several times — and her passports have taken a real beating for it.

Author Bonnie Ditlevsen
Author Bonnie Ditlevsen

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