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F4AD – Tempus Fudge-It by Robert Emmett

Fiction4ADay Robert

I have been waiting for this day forever. Not “forever”, I shouldn’t say that. I hate when words are used in a less than literal sense. I think that is a big part of how we got into the current mess we find ourselves in, literally.

It started with the deregulation of Time. Although no one would have called it that when it was introduced. Some will argue it started earlier, with the broadening of the language, first when they decided that “literally” no longer meant “literally”, but could be used figuratively. >Read More Here…

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Robert Emmett creates odd but familiar worlds and fills them with a bizarre cast of characters attempting the impossible.

He has spent most of his time around Chicago, making strange art and playing in loud experimental rock bands. 
His stories usually come from the fringes of reality and carry a humorous and dreamlike feel. He cites Philip K Dick, Salvador Dali and David Lynch as influence and inspiration for his writings: fairy tales for the Internet age, bedtime stories for weird children.
He plans to offer his first novel and a short story collection early in 2014 and to continue creating his unique brand of weirdness for this all-too-normal corner of reality.
Read and learn more at
Author Robert Emmett.
Author Robert Emmett.
Taxi Rob.
Taxi Rob.

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