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F4AD – Chrysalis by Jennifer Courtney

Fiction4ADay Jennifer

Here I am. In a box.

Well, part of me is in the box, part of me is in the bathtub, and the rest is in the stock pot boiling away. Now, this isn’t Clue. There’s no who-done-it involved. I’ll say it up front; the scattered bits and the unpleasantly fragrant soup du jour just a-simmering atop the stove is all my hubby’s fault.

It’s not like he’s a sicko. He’s not going to eat me or anything. In his defense, he’s working with a stiff time constraint. He thinks he’s creating something beautiful, and who doesn’t love an artist? >Read More Here…

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Jennifer Courtney is the aging mother of two rambunctious toddlers, two dachshunds, and a cat. She spends her days chasing them and (their) naptimes and the late, late evenings dreaming up poems, short fiction, wrestling with homework, and using rejection letters to decoupage distressed furniture.

Currently an English Lit major, she is hopeful to finish up her Bachelor’s degree after the Spring course load. Ultimately, she would like to pursue a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing.

She has seen print in the recently published 100 Worlds: Lightning-Quick SF and Fantasy Tales, an anthology comprised of 100 authors, each writing flash fiction of 100 words, available through Dreamscape Press.

Jennifer’s past is riddled with wacky (some would say self-destructive) hobbies and job choices which provide an odd medley to draw from while writing. Various incarnations include but aren’t limited to; surfer, stage performer, musician, outdoor enthusiast,  luchadora, barista, yogi, martial arts instructor, personal trainer, fighter, gym nut, soldier, runner, writer, babysitter, rather dumpy and out-of-shape stay-at-home mom, and through it all an avid student.

Jennifer has the most supportive spouse in the history of starving artists. She is also lucky enough to be surrounded, encouraged, and comforted, both online and physically, by a plethora of beautifully artistic people, far more creative than she is.

Her days are filled with light.

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An Intersect of Authors and Art

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  1. Completely delectable and thoroughly creepy! Just how I like it! Oh, and the writing’s terrific, too!


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