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Vying for Love on All Hallows’ Eve by Janée Baugher

Art Credit - PP&P
Art Credit – PP&P

Janée J. Baugher is the author of the poetry collections, The Body’s Physics (Tebot Bach, 2013) and Coördinates of Yes (Ahadada Books, 2010). Her work has been adapted for the stage and set to music at University of Cincinnati, Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan, and elsewhere.  In 2012, Baugher was awarded a nonfiction fellowship at the Island Institute of Sitka in Alaska.  Her performance venues include Seattle’s Bumbershoot Arts Festival and the Library of Congress, and she currently teaches literature in Seattle at University of Phoenix.

Visit Janée’s website, janeej.baugher.

Baugher-COY coverCover-The Body's Physics-by J. Baugher

Second grade Janee.
Second-grade Janée.
Dad and Baby Janee.
Dad and Baby Janée.

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4 thoughts on “Vying for Love on All Hallows’ Eve by Janée Baugher Leave a comment

  1. Oh wow. I don’t like free verse, mainly because I don’t understand it. It seems mostly to be
    with random line

    But I thought this both powerful and the language poetic. Not Disney beautiful, but deliciously dark. I particularly like sickle scars. To me it implied an obsession that did not draw the line at self harm to get the object of that obsession. Here, drink your love potion before it clots.

    Very good indeed.


    Corporate Wizard and Senior Necromancy Marketing Officer


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