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Pumpkin by Marion Clarke

Art Credit - Marion Clarke
Art Credit – Marion Clarke
Marion Clarke is a writer and artist from Warrenpoint, on the east coast of Northern Ireland. Once upon a time, she wrote short stories and ‘average-sized’ poems but, as the years have passed, her work has shrunk to become flash fiction and haiku. In fact, looking back, her short stories were really quite long.
Halloween is a time of year that the author particularly enjoys. Horror, the gruesome and the grisly have always been dear to her heart and she has indulged this passion with the works of writers such as Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King and Clive Barker.
One of Marion’s first stories published was ‘Strange Love’, which appeared in a collection of tales for young adults, Devils, Demons and Werewolves. More recently, two stories featured in The Infection – An anthology based in the post-pandemic world of the undead. These are set in the author’s local area and describe how snarling, infected creatures ended up running amok in pretty places like Warrenpoint and Rostrevor, against the scenic backdrop of the Mountains of Mourne.
Earlier this year, the narrative from these tales was used to produce a script treatment for a six-part drama for a London TV production company. The submission managed to get as far as the final stage of selection, when it was one of three script treatments chosen from over two hundred. However, Marion says she wasn’t surprised that it didn’t get any further, since she has never written a line of script in her life.

To make a papier maché pumpkin like Marion’s in the image above, go to Scott Stollen’s inspirational website

Here is a link to her poem, ‘Knife Art’, which appeared on Every Day Poets for Halloween Some of Marion’s art and writing is showcased at

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  1. This piece of micro fiction was inspired by a visit to a little art gallery in Drumcliff, County Sligo, which is where the grave of the writer Yeats is located. There was an eerily fascinating sculpture on display depicting the writer with a mask that had slipped to reveal another face. That was quite a few years ago, but the image has stayed with me and I’ve been waiting for the right occasion to use it!

    Unfortunately I don’t know who the sculptor was, so I’ve never been able to find a photo of it.


    • Pleased you like it, Bobby.

      I’ve grown quite attached to that old pumpkin in the picture. I made for the kids a few years ago following the instructions on Scott Stollen’s amazing website – I’d like to have a go at his zombie heads one of these days. I wish I lived in his street to see his Halloween yard display. I’d be hanging around the tombstones for days! 🙂


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