3-headed Rottweiler by kerry rawlinson

Art credit kerry rawlinson

Art credit kerry rawlinson

Born and raised in Africa, kerry has a 6 year-old heart, wrapped in a 120-year old brain, trapped in a 58-year old body. She’s been a lifetime devotee of “the arts”, inspired by her love of the written word, as well as her father’s darkroom where she helped develop photographs.

Almost 4 decades ago, kerry emigrated to Canada from Zambia with husband and children, and that required a paying career. Architectural design helped placate the insatiable Godzillas of Family-Town, and writing and creating were relegated to the nooks and crannies of the quiet spots.

Now retired, kerry’s reconnecting her life’s circle. Travel is her passion, and articulating its resulting quirks and glories is her delight; all of which she’ll do until she drops. She lives in the stunning Okanagan Valley of B.C. with her wonderful husband, two cats and a plethora of wineries. When she can find an available sober month or two, she’d like to organize a website to sell her 1,500+ photographs/ art. Some can be seen here.

kerry’s in editions of Prospective: Journal of Speculation (poems and cover art); Unshod Quills;ditch poetryKind of a Hurricane Press Sun and Sand Anthology3Elements; and is a winner in 2013 Ascent Aspirations Anthology Contest. She has many projects in progress.

kerry testing limits!

kerry testing limits!

‎The author on the Zambezi River heading to the edge of Victoria Falls.

‎The author on the Zambezi River heading to the edge of Victoria Falls.

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