Blue Room by Dale Patterson

Art credit Dale Patterson

Art credit Dale Patterson

Dale Patterson is a visual artist and poet living in Indiana. His sense of humor is as dry as hybrid corn in September. Most of the time you can find him looking in sidewalk cracks for new ideas. When that doesn’t work he will often resort to riveting old things together to make something appear to be new.
Dale’s work has appeared many online and print journals; a list of them can be found on his website  Once there, be sure to check out the link to his online chapbook, Doubts Firm My Religion. It includes postcard-style illustrations for each of his poems. 
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5 thoughts on “Blue Room by Dale Patterson

  1. Great poem. As a townie I lived under the dominance of electric street lighting. I remember my first midnight walk under a full moon through the New Forest. I must have been 15. It was a different world, and the moon very much in control of that world.


  2. The economy of this piece indicates the mark of a skilled poet — bravo! ” … I call this place / mine-while-it lasts …” has me envious; I wish I’d written that.


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