Business Partner by Connie Dowell

Art Credit - Connie Dowell

Art Credit – Connie Dowell

Connie B. Dowell is a university writing center professional and a freelance editor in Virginia. She will be launching a course about critique through Udemy in October and is writing two books at once, because one at a time is just too easy; am I right?

When not writing or helping other writers, Connie can be found hiking with her husband and being followed by bears, driving and slamming on the brakes to avoid hitting bears, or fortifying her apartment against the imminent bear invasion. You can read more at Connie’s website,, assuming the bears don’t get you first.

Fun fact: You can’t fight bears with a stapler.


Author Connie Dowell

No bears on this hike!

No bears on this hike!

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