Rudbeckia by Lindy Le Coq

Photo Credit - Lindy Le Coq

Photo Credit – Lindy Le Coq

Lindy Low Le Coq was born and raised in Washington State, USA, and has lived in Vancouver (USA) for thirty-six years. After high school Lindy studied to be an art teacher, achieving a BA in Fine Arts; however, she did not finish the teaching credentials. “It is a good thing,” she says. “I would have been a lousy art teacher.”

In 1982, she earned an MS in educational counseling and for the next thirty years enjoyed a career working with high school students as they navigated the vagaries of their teen years. “I loved my career; it was a perfect fit—but whew—it’s hard work. Glad I can move on now.”

After her first year of retirement, Lindy is on her way to achieving her goal: “To spend the rest of my life being the artist I am, and to coax my stories out of dormancy into the light of day.”

Rudbeckia is her first published piece, though she has a collection of short stories in the wings. Visit her at to see all the creative outlets she pursues, including color pencil drawings, cooking, photography, landscape gardening with rocks, birding, beagles, and a forty-six year friendship with the man she married in 1969. (Now that’s unusual!)

Pacific lady.

Pacific lady.

Lindy and Josie at Crater Lake.

Lindy and Josie at Crater Lake.

Lindy and Josie sunning.

Lindy and Josie sunning.



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